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Two Options to earn
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No License Option

  • Earn 60 basis point on total loan applications a month
  • Loans do not have to close for you to be paid
  • You can start immediately

Licensed Option

  • Earn 1% or 100 basis points per funded loan
  • Have the potential to earn 25 basis points on recruits
  • Start today to have your license in less than 60 days

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Is my NAme on The Loan?

No! Your loan officer assistant's name will be on each loan and you will still receive 1% of the loan amount for getting the applications filled out.

Do I have to get my license to earn mortgage commission?

No! We have two options to earn commission.

Is there a sign on bonus?

Yes! Become eligible for a sign on bonus upon exam completion and potential volume verification.

Can I still work with my other lenders?

Of course! We’re here as a resource for you to earn on your own terms.