How it Works


Send the application to your client

This link is unique to you and will only take your client 5 minutes to complete.


Your LO assistant reviews the file

Once the app is done your assistant will review the application and provide you with a preapproval letter.


Earn More

Wipe out the fees paid to your broker and then some. Cut out the middle man (loan officer) and start earning more per client.

Why work with orca?

When you work with Orca you have an entire operations team behind you with a dedicated loan officer assistant. We know how to close loans quickly and make you look like a star to your clients. It's time to look like the start and earn more.

Quick Pre-approves

Have you been stuck with a tough scenario that you had to run by your colleagues and other LOs and can't quite get an answer? Well with Orca you will receive options on how to move forward with a client within 2 hours not days.

Full Transparency

Tired of wondering if your client is fully approved through underwriting? Well with Orca this is a thing of the past. You will have full transparency into each milestone from application to CTC!

Compensation & Support

We offer a competitive compensation package for our salespeople with unmatched support. We want our salespeople out there generating new business, while our operations team helps you close more.. The more you close the more we can dedicate staff to your operation.